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Every year, a new year rolls around. I have never been one that has been in favor of Resolutions. I have always viewed them as one legalistic chart that people rarely complete. This year, my mind, heart, and attitude has changed regarding Resolutions.

Being a Christian, Resolutions do not need to take place on the new year, but they can. Resolutions should also be done with realizing change is only possible through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards all had Resolutions they were working on. Obviously, the goal is to be more like Christ, but if these amazing leaders had Resolutions, why shouldn’t I? Am I better than them? Do I have it more together than these leaders? Absolutely not! If the leaders had resolutions, I definitely need resolutions.

My Resolutions for 2012:

-I refuse to watch any sort of TV before bed until March 2012. Instead, I will read prior to falling asleep. I will reexamine in March if I will bring back watching Netflix or Hulu before bed.
-I will read my Bible everyday and read/say a prayer from the Valley of Vision.
-I want to thank Jesus for what He accomplished on the Cross daily…
-My joy is not found in people, places, or pleasure for myself, but in the all satisfaction death of Jesus…I am a Christian Hedonist.

These are most of my Resolutions for 2012. Change is only possible because of Jesus.

Because of Christ,

-Justin M. Davito


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