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Hello everyone! I have officially started my Youth Pastor Internship! I am still getting to know everyone, so that was a little awkward but I hope it continues to go well and that it will be fun/encouraging to both the students and the staff, as well as to myself.

Here are a few pictures from this past retreat I went on with the teens!

Very foggy! We were like living in a cloud!

Some of the teens spending time studying God's Word!

Some of the others spending time with God...but suffering from exhaustion!

These are just a few pictures I snapped on my phone. We basically taped the full weekend and I hope we will be editing the tape and showing it soon! Maybe I will be able to snatch a DVD!

If you read this, I would ask that you would be praying for me. Blogging will not be as often. I do not want to cut it completely out, but it will be diminished. The “official” internship ends December 31st, 2011. However, I will be serving the youth until at least next September, Lord-willing!

What will I be doing?

I will be assisting my youth pastor. I will be doing some teaching. I will plan, I believe, some youth activities. I will be at the youth events and there small group meetings and just loving on the kids. This is to both middle school and high school.

I would ask that you be praying for me. 1. That I will do a good job and that this would confirm my call to ministry, or that it would reveal my strengths in a different way. 2. That I will grow through this and become a better leader and be able to lead a Church in the future. 3. That I will be able to connect with the teens and to point them to God and that they may seek and savor Jesus Christ above all else. 4. If there is anything else that I have failed to mention, I would love prayer for anything and everything!

I am also very involved with the young adults ministry. I will continue to be involved as I serve the teens! Which, I am excited to be able to do both. Please be praying for me as I am stressed with school and kinda behind and trying to catch up and feeling very overwhelmed. I need to be even more self-disciplined and focus on school but that I won’t lose sight of the importance of spending time with God! I am taking the most credits I have ever taken in a single semester plus work. So, I am very busy!

Prayers would be treasured!

In Prayers,

-Justin M. Davito

  1. tmdurey says:

    SWEET!!! Will be praying for you. How many credits is the internship? How many hours a week?

  2. It’s interesting that you were apparently neither praying nor studying the Bible. . . . 😉

    I am glad to hear that you benefitted from it and feel a greater passion to preach. You can expect my prayers.

    Also, I too am interested in knowing the answer to PT’s questions.

    ~ Bennett S.

    P.S. Let me know if you get the weekend on a DVD.

  3. College credit it 3 hours. I have papers to write, journals, etc…

    I will be spending approximately 6ish hours a week for 16 weeks. Granted, I just spent over 48 hours on this retreat. However, most weeks it will be around 6.


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